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11/02/12 Post-arraignment press conference with Caroline Roberto, counsel for Tim Curley – VIEW HERE

11/01/12 Statements from Caroline Roberto, counsel for Tim Curley, regarding new charges:

“The prosecution did not provide us any advance notice of the new charges. To be clear, Tim Curley is innocent of all charges.

We are carefully reviewing the presentment and will reserve a more comprehensive comment for a later time.

However, contrary to the Presentment’s depiction of Cynthia Baldwin’s professional relationship to Tim Curley, the accurate description of Ms. Baldwin ‘s actions before, during and after Mr. Curley’s grand jury appearance are contained in the Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion and Mr. Curley’s factual verification, both of which we filed today before the Presentment was issued.”


Synopsis: Curley Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion to Dismiss

PDF: Synopsis Curley Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion

Tim Curley’s Verification of Testimony – In Support of Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion

PDF:  T. Curley’s Verification of Testimony

Complete Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion with Exhibits and Verification

PDF: Complete Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion